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At Golden Lion Cleaning Service Companies, we strive to incorporate friendliness, professionalism and environmental awareness into our janitorial services. We will work closely with you to construct a customised School maintenance program to keep your facility pristine.

Our supervisors manage our evening janitorial staff to ensure our services are held to the highest standard. With trained supervisors and individualised commercial cleaning programs, you’ll have peace of mind when you walk into your School each morning.

Importance of Regular School Cleaning in Atlanta and South Florida

Productivity: Having a clean School eliminates the distraction of dirty, spotted windows and floors and allows your employees to concentrate solely on their work. Cleanliness in bathrooms is also important, as employees want to be as comfortable as possible in all areas of the job. For most individuals, the majority of their days are spent at work, meaning the constant eating and drinking can result in spills, stains, and a general cluttered atmosphere. However, regular School cleaning allows each day to begin with a clean slate that provides employees the opportunity to focus on the tasks at hand.

Eliminate Germs: Communal surfaces are breeding grounds for germs. It’s important that all areas, bathrooms included, are being wiped down and properly maintained. This will help reduce germs from spreading and establish a clean atmosphere.

Professionalism: As clients or potential clients come and go for conference meetings, their first impression of your company will be the general environment. A cluttered, dirty School will signal a lack of organisation and care in appearance. Our School cleaning services take this hassle away by maintaining clean surroundings so the only aspect your clients will judge you on is the quality of your work.

Our School Cleaning Services Include:

Carpet Care

Glass Cleaning

Floor Maintenance

Window Cleaning


And More!

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With locations in Boston, MA, Manchester, NH, Miami & Fort Lauderdale, FL, Golden Lion Cleaning Service Companies offers exceptional commercial cleaning services to Schools throughout the East coast. We encourage you to contact us today to let us know how we can help you.

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